Our guest today is Sarah Juarez, the nurse at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Sarah manages our kids’ entire medication system and works with Mercy Home’s contract psychiatrist, acting as an advocate for our kids. She also provides health education and trainings, as well as works with our youth if they have acute injuries or illnesses. In this episode, Sarah talks about ways to stay healthy during a pandemic and gives us an insider look on being a nurse in a residential environment. You'll also hear us discuss our AfterCare program, which invites all former residents of Mercy Home and their families ongoing support, encouragement, and resources. If you'd like to learn more about both of our campuses you can take a virtual tour on our website.

Our guest today is Alban Fisher, the Clinical Director at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Alban works with both our young people and coworkers, acting as a mentor to our clinicians and supporting their professional development. In this episode, Alban gives advice on how to talk to kids who are dealing with doubt and anxiety during this time, ways to cope with the crisis, stress management during the stay-at-home order, and gives an update on how the kids of Mercy Home are doing. For more resources surrounding Covid-19, please visit our blog.